Services for research platforms, tools & accessories

At Peira, we draft customised service level agreements with our customers for mechanical or electronic maintenance work. This leaves you free to focus on your core activities in research without risking business discontinuity due to problems with laboratory equipment.


What we offer

  • Quick intervention times
  • Short throughput times
  • Skilled service technicians
  • Documentation for future intervention
  • Software allowing quick modifications
  • Service machine shop
  • High precision CNC machining centre
  • Electronics assembly lab

Our value proposal

  • Rapid response times
  • A single point of contact
  • Increased lab efficiency
  • Short throughput times
  • Trained service technicians
  • An ambitious organisation
  • An independent service organisation
  • A team with research know-how
  • Tailor-made contracts
  • Customised solutions and services

Our 7 guarantees

  1. Peira is your single point of contact
  2. Peira responds to your queries with very short response times
  3. With Peira there will be no loss of your researchers' valuable time on technical issues 
  4. Peira is your partner – be it making innovative equipment or as the specialist engineering part of your research team 
  5. Peira guarantees high confidentiality through customised IP agreements and firewalls 
  6. By facilitating lab automation, Peira allows the low value-added activities of your researchers to be replaced by high value-added activities (such as new designs of experiments, interpretation of results, next generation platforms) 
  7. Peira can be a showcase for the innovative capacity of its partners through our productising services


When downtime is important and planning of experiments is critical, you want to rely on skilled installation technicians who can ready new equipment on site, both quickly and efficiently, are required. Peira understands the specific environment in which pharma and biotech researchers have to operate and we will respond appropriately to your specific requirements.

Installation is often part of a larger project/assignment that Peira has designed and built, for example prototype equipment for proof-of-principle set-ups.

Repair and overhaul

Interruptions to experiments can be very costly. When broken parts are the cause of the incident, replacement parts have to be made available as quickly as possible. Thanks to our efficient repair and overhaul service. Peira is the partner you can rely on to get your research back on track without delay.