For Center for Human Genetics, Laboratory of Neurogenetics at K.U.Leuven, Peira developed FlyWorld 1.0.

FlyWorld 1.0 is an observation station that allows you to program a series of stimuli by a 'Stimulus experiment Planner' and which then tracks the flies in up to 4 dimensions during the experiment.


The analysis software quantifies the behavior and presents the results in behavioural output features.

Key features

  • Hardware
    The hardware of FlyWorld 1.0 consists of a +/- 3.500 cm³ box equipped with one or more high speed CCD cameras
  • LED-screens
    On two sides of the box, LED-screens allow for the introduction of visual stimuli
  • LED & Infrared lights
    Colored LED lights can mimic the day/night cycle while Infrared lights are used for recording in the dark
  • Tubes
    Tubes allow the delivery of olfactory or gustatory stimuli

FlyWorld 1.0 is a research platform that can be adapted to the needs of the researcher having specific research questions.