Knowledge for Growth 2016

Posted on 4 May 2016

Peira launches its Peira TM900 laptop pc version during the 12th edition of Europe’s premier life sciences conference Knowledge for Growth, organized by FlandersBio, on Thursday 26 May 2016 in the ICC in Ghent (Belgium).

The new Peira TM900 platform has been extended with new features and benefits, based on customer’s feedback, resulting in

  1. Lower footprint, easy transportable when used in jointly operated animal facilities.
  2. Improved lab efficiency and productivity (a.o. weighing scale integration option, increased data calculation speed ..).
  3. New nozzle materials making them less prone to mechanical damage.
  4. Improved wear and tear resistance.
  5. Zero set button below 35 mm³, useful when measuring regression of tumors.

Visit us on booth 23.